Your Pathway to Health Celiac Disease Conference – September 26, 2015 – Kamloops BC

It was a beautiful day in Kamloops for the Your Pathway to Health Celiac Disease Conference on September 26, 2015. Our day started off with Sarina Bruno and how hard it is to grow up a Celiac. Dr. Justine Dowd from the University of Calgary discussed what the Celiac needs to do for themselves to ensure they stick to a Gluten Free Diet. After a coffee break with delicious gluten free baked goodies and coffee supplied by McDonalds our next speaker was Dr. Kraig Montalbetti a family physician and his comedic take on the relationship building between a Celiac and their doctor. Next to speak was Dr. Ali Kohansal a Gastroenterologist who discussed CD from diagnosis to treatment with a Gluten Free diet. Dr. Kohansal made it so easy to understand.

After a beautiful Gluten Free lunch provided by our wonderful sponsors. Dr. Richard Lewis was the next up to discuss DH. Jim Motokado, a local Pharmacist talked about building a strong relationship with your pharmacy team and gave our some handy tips about how to check that your medications are gluten free and how to reduce the risk of cross contamination in the pharmacy. Last coffee break with goodies from Udi’s, Dr. Schar, Enjoylife Foods. Our final speaker was Selena De Vries, a Registered Dietician from and she shared how to properly label read and safe tips for dining out.

The day was fabulous and it was so wonderful to see so many people in attendance to learn about Celiac disease.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, to all our fabulous speakers, and our wonderful sponsors. With out all of you this day would not have been a huge success.

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