So You’re Planning a Gluten Free Birthday Party?

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a party can be thinking of inventive meal ideas that will leave your guests full and content.  Listed below are five party food ideas and five party desert ideas that are tried and tested to be absolutely delicious.

Main Meal Ideas

1.    Gluten Free Personal Pan Pizza

If you’re like me, you may have purchased frozen ready-made pizzas from the grocery store; these pizzas are never quite as good as homemade pizza.  If you have ever ordered a GF pizza from Boston Pizza, you know that the crust is fluffy and delicious.  The good news is that you can grab a 4 pack of these same pizza crusts at nature’s fare for $8.95.  Load the crusts up with any toppings that you like, and pop the whole thing in the oven for fresh, cheap, GF pizza.

2.    Gluten Free Pigs in a Blanket

A favorite childhood birthday food made with puffed dough and cut up hot dogs, baked in the oven and served with ketchup.  Pigs in a blanket are a tasty finger food that can be served along side cut up vegetables (to keep things healthy of course!)

Pigs in a Blankey

3.    Lettuce Wraps

Why not cut out the gluten all together and use iceberg lettuce to wrap up your goods?

4.    Tacos

Tacos are always a hit, plus they are super easy to make.  Use crunchy corn taco shells that are GF, or the soft brown-rice shells (although they don’t seem to hold together very well while wrapping up).  Make sure you purchase taco seasoning for the ground beef that is certified gluten-free OR you can make your own here:

5.    Nachos

Although nachos aren’t the healthiest meal, they make a great party hit.  Purchase gluten free corn chips, then top the pile high with cheese, peppers and green onions.  Make your own guacamole using the recipe here:

Dessert options

1.    Chocolate fondue

Why not skip baking all together and make a delicious, partially healthy treat.  Cut up cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes, apples, honeydew and strawberries.  Pick up some chocolate chips and a container of whipping cream or heavy cream.  Melt together the chocolate chips and whipping cream for a creamy, delicious dipping sauce that everyone can enjoy around the table.  If lactose bothers your stomach, coconut creamer found in the same section as coffee cream, mixes in perfectly. If you find the chocolate mixture isn’t thickening, make a paste of corn starch and water in a separate container, then whisk it into the chocolate mixture.

2.    Gluten Free Funnel Cakes

Funnel cakes have been a long time favorite at fairs and carnivals, but these treats can be a household hit especially at parties.  After frying the gluten free batter in oil, sprinkle the crispy treat with icing sugar, add on some sliced up strawberries and dollop on some whipping cream.  Yum.

3.    Gluten Free Cakes and Cupcakes

Sweet Spot Cupcakes (located at #8 – 1415 Hillside Drive, near Canadian Tire) has a delicious variety of gluten free cupcakes and cakes.

Mini cupcakes are $1.65 each, and regular size are $3.25 each.  A dozen of the mini cupcakes is $19.50 and for a dozen regular size it is $39.00.

To order gluten free cakes, call 250-574-6251.


4.    Caramel Apples

A great treat for birthday parties that will have kids excited to eat a sweet treat.  Make sure when you are rolling the caramel apples in toppings that you are certain these toppings are gluten free.

5.    Gluten Free Ice Cream Cake

If you have ever eyed up those gluten-free oreos on the grocery store shelf, now is the time to purchase them and make the best ice cream cake ever.  Ice cream cake is a great alternative to baking, and as long as gluten-free toppings and ice cream are used, you should be good to go!

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