Holiday Treats Without the Tummy Ache

You know the drill: friends and family are popping treats into their mouth without thinking and you have to carefully asess each recipe to see if it is safe to eat.  Avoid having to worry about going without treats.  All the baking options below can be made ahead of time and frozen for when you need.


Why not try to bake up some gingerbread for either cookies or to make the foundations for a gingerbread house? Below is a link to tried and tested gingerbread, however to improve the taste of the cookies, add more brown sugar (up to a ¼ more) and add double the ginger (4 tsp instead of 2 tsp) and the cinnamon (2 tsp instead of 1 tsp).

 If you are unable to make these cookies, Save-on Foods on Summit drive sells 6-packs of gluten-free gingerbread cookies, which are also chewy and delicious.

Vanilla Kipferl (crescent  almond sugar cookies)

Vanilla Kipferl are a delicious holiday cookie that happen to bake very well using almond flour.  Because the actual cookies are already full of ground almonds, the almond flour matches perfectly.  Also: these cookies don’t raise up very much upon cooking, so no need to worry about having a final product that is nice and fluffy!

In the recipe, simply substitute out the 200g of flour, for 200g of weighed almond flour!  Make sure you weigh, weigh weigh! (Use a kitchen scale).

 Chocolate Dipped Rice Crispie Treats

Simple yet decorative.  Make up a batch of rice crispie squares using Kellogs Gluten Free Brown Rice Crispies.  Cut the batch into squares, then dip the bottom 1/3 of the treat in melted chocolate.  Just before the chocolate has solidified, roll the chocolate in shredded coconut or holiday coloured sprinkles.

Rice Crispie treats are so versatile that you can make so many different treats.

–       Wreaths

–       Holiday balls

–       Presents tied with licorice

–       Use a cookie cutter to make holiday shapes

 Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Spin your favorite hot chocolate from drab to fab.  Simply crush up a baby candy cane and add it to your beverage.  It will dissolve and create a lovely, holiday flavor.

Maple Syrup Taffy Pops

A classic holiday favorite.  All you need to gather is snow, and maple syrup.  Delicious, sweet and safe to eat.


Whatever your sweet-tooth calls for, there is a great alternative.  Heck, your friends and family might even be fooled into thinking these treats are filled with normal flour!  Good luck!

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