Gluten Free Treats in Kamloops

Looking for a quick treat in the Kamloops area?  Why not stop in at Tutti Frutti, a new self-serve frozen yogurt bar located beside Save-on foods at 210 – 1210 Summit Drive (Phone number: (778) 471-6111 for any inquiries).

Choose one of the “Soybean” yogurt options (usually one or two options daily) to ensure that your yogurt is gluten free.  These options can be identified by a green label card above the dispenser, with the words “soybean yogurt” on the top.  I’ll promise you that you can’t go wrong with this delicious treat.

The frozen yogurt is paid for by the weight of your frozen yogurt plus any toppings that are added, at $0.56 per oz. Many options are available that do not include gluten, however all toppings are kept in close proximity to each other, meaning this may not be a good choice for those who are affected by even a minute quantity of gluten.

Tutti Frutti GF Frozen Yogurt

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